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Redken Artist Abraham Rohena

As a facilitator of Redken Puerto Rico during 9 years, Abraham Rohena Sosa is the most experienced artist of the island. Being a hairdresser for 15 years gave him the opportunity to work for the most important events of the Caribbean. Learn more about Abraham here. 


Redken Artist Adam Browne

Adam is known for facilitating cutting-edge techniques, delivering modern education that is useable in salons every day. Adam has the ability to communicate the technical aspects of hairdressing in a language that is easily understandable, applicable and salon friendly. Read more about Adam here.

Adina Doss

Redken Artist Adina Doss

Adina's ability to transition one from ordinary to the full expression of their identity through the art of hair places her in a space all her own. Her visionary eye brings about fearless change. Clients leave the chair updated, refreshed and confident in spirit about their new self-representation.  Read more about Adina here.


Redken Artist Arturo Juarez

With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Arturo Juarez has established himself as one of the foremost designers and hair colorists in the country. Learn more about Arturo here. 


Redken Artist Becka Bradshaw

Bert De Zeeuw

Redken Artist Bert De Zeeuw

Bert is the Fashion Director for the Netherlands and Western Europe for Intercoiffure. He has traveled around the world inspiring young hairdressers and help the new generation to find their on signature in hardressing. Read more about Bert here

Redken Educator Bert Dezeew

Blake Reed Evans

Redken Artist Blake Reed Evans


Redken Artist Brayden Pelletier

Brayden is the lead stylist at Redken’s largest salon account in the United States. Let his approachable, high-energy learning environment inspire you and your team to reach their full potential. Read more about Brayden here.


Redken Artist Brent Borreson

Brent Borreson has motivated audiences from New York to Sydney with his extraordinary ability to translate style and fashion into user-friendly salon techniques. Learn more about Brent here. 


Redken Artist Brian Bowman

Brian’s experience stems from being a former salon owner with great deal of time devoted to session work and facilitation background. This insight helps forge Brian’s teachings to other salon owners and stylists to grasp the purpose of how their educational pursuits can increase their revenues.


Redken Artist Brian Washburn

Brian Washburn has a proven ability to help designers understand how the principles of design simplify the method behind the art of hair design.  Former salon owner, stylist for 24 years, Exchange Facilitator and now the Artistic Director of a major salon/spa in the Washington DC area,  Read more about Brian here.


Redken Artist Catherine Allard

Catherine Allard has a passion for haircolor, and the science behind it. The creative freedom she experiences as a hairstylist and colorist is the driving force behind her constant evolution. Learn more about Catherine here. 


Global Artistic Directors Chris Baran

Live or digital, Redken education is transformational. Redken provides an environment of safety where true learning and discovery changes lives behind the chair. I know because it transformed me and it will transform you too.


Redken Artist Chris Moody

As a stylist, educator and platform artist direct from the UK, Chris is able to pack years of experience into his work and deliver new thinking and vision to excite audiences looking for inspiration. Read more about Chris here.


Redken Brand Ambassador Daniel Mora

Elizabeth Faye 225x225.jpg

Redken Brand Ambassador Elizabeth Faye


Redken Artist Ellen Devine


Redken Artist Ellen Lawlor

Ellen Lawlor strives to constantly improve her craft by pushing the envelope to develop and display new ideas. “I believe creativity does not start with hair alone”, says Ellen. “So I look to art, fashion, architecture, nature and all aspects of life for inspiration.” Learn more about Ellen here. 


Redken Artist Enrico Compierchio

A strong communicator, Enrico believes the art of hairdressing is a channel for the exchange of the sense of beauty: “Every person always brings a deep and insightful vision of life. The best way to evolve in the hairdressing industry is to always stay student.” Read more about Enrico here


Redken Artist Eric Ray

Eric Ray’s unique vision for haircolor combines a love ‘for the quirky and unusual’, with a dedication to excellence and accuracy. He has a gift for creating fun, creative and easy haircolor techniques that are ‘salon friendly’. Read more about Eric here. 


Redken Artist Gary Russell


Redken Artist George Garcia

A mixture of creativity, technical skill, and 20 years of extensive color and product knowledge – George Garcia is one of Redken’s most sought after artists. He was also voted one of the top ten colorists in the United States by Celebrity Styles 101 Magazine. Read more about George here.

Giovanni Giuntoli

Redken Artist Giovanni Giuntoli

Giovanni began his career as a hair artist 18 years ago and has worked around the world shooting fashion stories, and presenting NYC styles to attendees in Hands-On Workshops. Read more about Giovanni here. 


Redken Artist Heather Green


Redken Artist Hugo Urias

Inspirational, creative, and technical are just a few words that describe Hugo Urias. His alternative approach to hairdressing makes challenges easier for the learner. Hugo's commitment to artistry, great service, and education has taken him to the top of his game.  Read more about Hugo Here.


Redken Artist Jason Gribbin

Jason Gribbin is a natural teacher with a down-to-earth approach toward education that leaves stylists feeling motivated, inspired, and more passionate about what they do. Jason’s vision, knowledge of principles, and passion for design gives him the ability to follow and predict trends that create looks for today’s fashion. Read more about Jason here.


Redken Artist Jeff Herbetko

As an Educator and Platform Artist, Jeff’s goal is to inspire and empower individuals with knowledge to bring out the best in themselves, so that they can bring out the best in their clients.  Jess is a Redken Certified Colorist with a deep passion for cutting hair. Read more about Jeff here.

Jenny Karlsson

Redken Artist Jenni Karlson


Redken Artist Jerric Fruits

Jerric’s true passion is education, inspiring hair stylists and clients alike, with innovative trends that blend both current style and classic beauty to discover the best look. Read more about Jerric Here.


Redken Artist Jesse Linares

Jesse teaches that haircolor, haircutting, and good business are each integral components to success and none can exist without the other. He shows how the mastery of basic principles opens the door to all advanced techniques. Read more about Jesse Here.

Redken Educator Jillian Bono


Redken Artist Jorge Joao

Jorge is an an acclaimed stylist who divides his time between building his co-owned salon, KOI Hair Studio, to appearing on stages throughout North America where he demonstrates his knowledge and experience, to pursuing creative initiatives where his passion for hair styling shines and reaches new heights. Learn more about Jorge here.


Redken Artist Julie Lahr

After nearly two decades in the beauty industry, Julie Lahr has consistently stayed ahead of the latest trends. Her diverse background fostered her ability to communicate effectively with all types of stylists and salon owners. Read more about Julie here.


Redken Artist Justin Isaac

Justin Isaac has been a Redken Artist since 1998, a facilitator at the Redken Exchange since 2000 and a featured Redken Symposium artist. He is known throughout the industry as one of the top creative colorist.  Read more about Justin Here.


Redken Artist Kate Curran


Redken Artist Kelly Scott

For 18 years on, this seasoned stylist travels the globe as an educator and Redken Artist helping to create their international collections. In addition to this she regularly teaches at the UK’s Redken Exchanges in London Manchester and Dublin. Read more about Kelly here.


Global Artistic Directors Kris Sorbie

Recognized as a world-renowned leader in cutting-edge hair color concepts – such as the ombré technique now worn by millions – as an expert in the field of long hair and up styling. Kris equips stylists with the mastery to grow professionally and to profit from their role behind the chair. Read more about Kris Here

Lauren Hagen

Redken Artist Lauren Hagen

Educated at the renowned Redken Exchange 5th Avenue NYC, Lauren’s philosophy emphasizes continuing professional education as being the quintessential element to success. Read more about Lauren Here.


Redken Educator Lauren Rosenquist


Redken Artist Linda Macchi

Linda is also a salon owner and will share her knowledge to help your salon succeed. Learn how to create a dream team and dream clientele. Take an honest approach to your habits in the salon and discover how to boost productivity and maximize untapped opportunities when you plan tomorrow for today. Read more about Linda Here


Redken Artist Lindsey Olson

Lindsey Olson is in pursuit to continue the influence that Redken education has impacted her life. The result of such inspiration is the role of a Redken Artist. As a colorist and designer from behind the chair, Lindsey shares a common ground for which she brings her ability to excite, relate, and inspire her peers. Read more about Lindsey here. 

Redken Educator Liz Rose

Lori Zabel

Redken Artist Lori Zabel

For over a decade, Lori Zabel has been inspiring salon professionals around the globe. As a Redken Artist and Master Stylist at Dop Dop Salon, SoHo, NY she has the insight to help stylists find new perspectives that were previously unimaginable. Learn  more about Lori here. 


Redken Artist Lucas Shaffer

Lucas combines humor and education to foster creativity in the development of services for existing clientele while simultaneously promoting the growth of new business revenue. Specializing in the art of long hair design, his creative skills in cutting can be utilized to educate all levels. Read more about Lucas here.


Redken Artist Ludovic Beckers

Ludovic has developed his hairdressing skills from the heart of Flemish fashion culture. He shows cutting, finishing and long hair handcrafting at its best. His unique approach to education is inspirational and gives a creative boost to students worldwide. Read more about Ludovic here.


Redken Educator Mandy Mcullough

Marco Arena

Redken Artist Marco Arena

As a Redken artist, Marco is a trainer for color, haircare, styling and salon business seminars He is responsible for the red carpet styling of several VIPs and celebrities in Germany at special events. Read more about Marco here.


Redken Artist Michelle Marshall


Redken Artist Nicole Perry


Redken Artist Noah Hatton

Inspired by photography and images, Noah saw in magazines growing up, he found that by combining his love for art forms like sculpting and painting with the medium of hair he could create his own particular brand of creative art.  Read more about Noah here. 


Redken Artist Philip Barwick

Philip’s creativity, imagination and strong technical ability make him one of Australia's leading stylists earning him the title of Artistic Director for Redken Australia. Philip is a dedicated Educator and has delivered over 14 years of Redken shows, seminars and classes. Read more about Philip here.

Rachel Bugsby THUMB.jpg

Redken Educator Rachel Busby


Redken Artist Randy Topham

Randy inspires others to step outside of their comfort zones.  Inspired by the fashion of the streets, as well as the fashion runways, he transforms looks into wearable hair for each individual client. Learn more about Randy here. 


Creator - Redken Creative Colorist Rebecca Taylor


Redken Artist Roger Molina

Roger is a spirited and motivating hairdresser from Southern California. With a strong foundation in design, finishing, and styling he offers a 360 degree approach to Redken Education. From the set to the stage, Fashion Week to behind the chair – Roger has been there working side by side with some of the great hairdressers of our time. Read more about Roger here.


Redken Master Artist Ruth Roche

Ruth Roche began her career as a hairdresser in California over 25 years ago. As Redken Master Artist, she is one of the most respected and highly sought after artists in her profession. Ruth continues to inspire her peers and her clients with her creative approach, humor and talent. Learn more about Ruth here. 


Redken Artist Ryan Morgan

Ryan is pleased to be one of the few Exchange Facilitators featured for his versatility as both colorist and designer. This combination allows the integration of numerous topics providing a truly diverse experience. By understanding what inspires today's stylist, Ryan guides each class on an inspirational journey. Read more about Ryan here.


Redken Artist Ryan Rogers

Sam Villa

Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa

Sam has more than 30 years of teaching experience and is known as the hairdresser’s hairdresser.  Sam was chosen as the industry’s Favorite Platform Artist and Educator at the prestigious Stylist Choice Awards in 2007 and again in 2011. He possesses a unique blend of technical and artistic skills – a contagious spirit that draws people in and makes them want to learn. Read more about Sam here.

Sarah Bramham

Redken Artist Sarah Bramham

Sarah is an Artist first and foremost and fully versed in the principles of Color and Three Dimensional Design.  She loves to share her knowledge and reignite a fire in the professionals in the industry. Sarah inspires others to transcend their limitations and to find in themselves great and wonderful talents. Read more about Sarah here. 


Redken Artist Sean Godard

Sean is a  Redken Certified Colorist, if he’s not on set for session work; he spends his time working with top artists at Redken events around the world. Read more about Sean here. 


Redken Artist Stefano Santoro

Stefano has worked for many years in a salon in Florence by developing a great attention to training. His path leads him to devote more time to the development of its training capacity. His is a true vocation for design.  Large capacity manual and a big vision lead him to begin his experience as a trainer when Italy Redken was beginning.  Learn more about Stefano. 


Redken Artist Tara Gardiner

Tara Gardiner’s passion for the industry is evident in everything that she does. She has committed herself to staying fashion forward behind the chair as well as in her classes.  She loves art, fashion, and the building blocks that are required to create both. Learn more about Tara here. 


Redken Artist Teresa Mockler

Teresa has 20 years of experience in the salon industry 10 of which as a Redken artist. She loves to share her knowledge with other salon professionals in the hope that they will excel in expressing their creativity. Read more about Teresa here.


Redken Artist Tina Calzaretta

Tina has been a Redken Artist for the past 5 years. Her passion is clear in her work, where she emphasizes the importance of foundational skills. She has inspired stylist all over the country with her energetic yet realistic approach to education. Read more about Tina here.


Redken Artist Toby Meyer

Toby has over 23 years of experience and has studied with some of the biggest and best names in the industry. He is a regular Redken facilitator in the UK and in high demand for his Personal Coach sessions in Creative Design, Men’s and Session Hair due to his Creative, passionate and energetic approach. Read more about Toby Here.


Redken Artist Twylla Jane


Redken Artist Vincent Nobile

Vincent believes precision color is about enhancing beauty and he is well known in the industry for his passion and attention to detail. Through Vincent’s color work, a great cut transforms into an incomparable look with shine, dimension and continuity. As an educator, Vincent’s message is that salons need to place as great an emphasis on color as cut.  Learn more about Vincent now.


Redken International Artist Wendy Belanger

Passion, ambition and the drive to succeed make Wendy Belanger one of the most sought after stylists in the industry.  She has a focused and artistic mindset that translates to everything she pursues.   Learn more about Wendy here.