Shades EQ Tips From Redken Ambassadors: Top Shades, Formulas & More
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Shades EQ Tips From Redken's Ambassador Network

October 21, 2020

Shades EQ Gloss is known far and wide as a must-have product for creating beautiful, multi-dimensional hair color results in the salon. Whether behind the chair or working with hollywood clients, Redken's Ambassador network knows the power of including Shades EQ in every hair color service. 

Read on to discover Shades EQ tips from Redken's ambassador network and get inspired to try their go-to shades and formulas in your salon. 

Matt Rez's Favorite Shades EQ Shade: 06ABn

Matt Rez THUMB.jpg

"06ABn works miracles for cancelling unwanted warmth! It's important to really know the background and reflects of the gloss you are choosing. Primary and secondary tones really make a difference when toning. Getting a Redken Shades EQ Gloss is a totally customizable experience – meaning the formula clients receive is tailored to their hair. In the formula, I typically choose a 'hero' Shades EQ shade, based on the guest's desired look. See below for a few of my favorites:

For my brunettes: I love 08N or 08NA because the color doesn’t go too dark or deep. It’s a cooler brunette tone and is a really quick service for brunettes.

For my redheads: 09AA or 08WG gives me the perfect balance of warm and gold. I typically like to go for a golden copper or strawberry blonde red and these shades are perfect for those formulas.

For my blondes: 010GI is everything for blondes. I love using it when I am taking a client down to a platinum tone. The consistency and translucency of Shades EQ makes it so easy to work with and apply throughout the hair." 

Leysa Carrillo's Favorite Shades EQ Shade: 09GI


“I am obsessed with Shades EQ 09GI because it keeps the hair looking perfectly golden. This is important when working with textured hair because it doesn’t reflect light in the same way straight hair does. When working with higher textures, the right amount of gold will give you beautiful dimension and reflect."

Philip Foresto's Favorite Shades EQ Shade: 010VV


"010VV is my number one favorite because it’s sheer and cool but not overpowering. I also love using Shades EQ Clear to even out the hair's porosity and help create a consistent tone throughout the hair. It also adds amazing shine."

Cassandra McGlaughlin's Favorite Shades EQ Shade: 09GI

Cassandra McGlaughlin thumb.jpg

"Shades EQ is the ultimate product for toning, correcting and adding dimension to hair color. 09GI is my favorite Shades EQ shade because it provides the perfect balance of warm and cool to create the most perfect pearl-beige blonde tone."

Daniel Mora's Favorite Shades EQ Shade: 07P

Daniel Mora THUMB.jpg

"My favorite gloss formula would be Shades EQ 07P and 09P to cool down and neutralize unwanted warmth on blondes. I also love the Shades EQ GI family. It's the chameleon of Shades EQ gloss. It has the ability to create different tonality based on the level of pre-lightened hair you apply it to. The Shades EQ range is one of the best tools to use to create vibrant, shiny results in a short period of time."


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