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Salon Wellness Tips For The New Year With Redken Brand Ambassador Cassandra McGlaughlin

January 19, 2021

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A new year brings with it so many opportunities. With a new season, new trends and new guests in your salon, there are so many ways to build your business and fill your year with success. At the start of a new year, it's also important to prioritize self care and wellness. Taking time to rest and recharge in ways that are significant to you can help you to manage stress and put your best foot forward as you strive towards your 2021 goals.

Here, Redken Brand Ambassador Cassandra McGlaughlin shares her top self care and wellness tips!

Remember To Schedule Breaks

During a busy day at the salon, you may often find yourself rushing from guest to guest with no time to breathe in-between. McGlaughlin recommends scheduling break times into your day to drink water, eat a healthy lunch, or even just take a few moments to relax. Taking time to nurture yourself during the day will help you to feel rested and energized so that you can take on the day with confidence.

Communicate With Your Guests

When it comes to managing stress in the salon and with salon guests, good communication is key! If you have a change to your schedule, policy, or service pricing, be sure to communicate these changes to your clients prior to booking their appointment. McGlaughlin also recommends getting comfortable with setting boundaries and saying "No" when something does not work for your schedule. Having open communication with your guests helps to ensure that expectations are clear and that there is no confusion when she arrives at the salon. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Managing a busy salon schedule, along with personal and other commitments can be overwhelming. Above all, remember to show yourself kindness and compassion. It is difficult to do it all, but when you make time to care for yourself, you are better able to manage stressful situations and live your best life.



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