Gray Coverage Secrets With Tracey Cunningham: The Consultation

October 16, 2019
Tags : education , haircolor

Flawless gray coverage is the secret to a successful business as a haircolorist. Are you looking to become a gray coverage expert? Learn from the best in the industry with Tracey Cunningham, celebrity haircolorist and Redken Brand Ambassador.

"My gray hair clients are my most important clients because they come in every 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks. When people have gray hair, it's so emotional. It's important to have a consultation every 3-6 months. You want to make sure your client's gray hair is covered and that they're happy."

In the video below, Tracey explains the importance of the consultation when working with gray coverage clients. Click to learn why the consultation is necessary for understanding your client’s gray hair a delivering the best results for your guests.

Tracey's Gray Coverage Tips and Techniques

Tags : education , haircolor