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Meet Redken's Light It Up Squad

November 15, 2019
Tags : haircolor
Meet Redken

Introducing Redken's Light It Up Squad, featuring the industry's top hair color influencers and educators! See below to access lightening tips & techniques from this group of experts and get inspired to create amazing transformations for your clients using Redken lighteners.

Lived In Blondes With Johnny Ramirez


"I love using Flash Lift Bonder Inside when doing foil work because it lifts the hair to a perfect, even canvas that allows me to steer the color in any direction that I want."

Watch the video below to see Johnny Ramirez demonstrate his lightening technique for creating a beautiful, lived-in blonde!

Blonde By Foil With Matt Rez


“I love using Flash Lift Bonder Inside! This lightener is great for clients from a level 1 to 8; virgin or colored bases. It’s also great for color correction clients that need the extra protection of bonder."

Matt's Hot Tip: While processing, keep in mind that the lightener gives the illusion that the hair being lifted is warmer than it actually is. For example, if your desired lift is a level 9, wipe or wash when hair saturated with the lightener appears to be at a level 8."

Watch Matt demo his blonde by foil technique in the video below!

Color Correction With Cassandra McGlaughlin


"Flash Lift Bonder Inside is my go-to lightener for corrective color clients! It’s great for tackling all color correction scenarios. From super grown-out hair color, uneven bands of hair color or even previous permanent color. It gives predictable, even lift all while keeping the health and integrity of the hair in tact."

Cassandra's Hot Tip: "Flash Lift Bonder Inside is the perfect choice when dealing with a color correction client with multiple bands of previous hair color. Sometimes it’s essential to use different developer strengths for each band to ensure even lift.  In these cases, I mix multiple strengths of my Flash Lift Bonder Inside, and then overlay a 2nd foil before folding to isolate my different formulas and add additional incubation. This gives a beautifully even lift all while protecting the integrity of the hair."

Click to watch Cassandra's color correction demo using Flash Lift Bonder Inside below. 

Free Hand With Jamie Sea


"Free hand lightener is specifically formulated for hair painting techniques! It lays on the surface of the hair and has a smooth glideability factor that makes balayage a breeze! On average this product can give you 3-5 levels of lift with a neutral to warm finish. You can balayage any level hair! 

Jamie's Hot Tip: "I prefer using Free Hand Lightener with a 1:1 ratio. I also mist the hair with a fine mist water bottle prior to application. This helps with product mobility!"

Tags : haircolor