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6 Tips For Getting Back To Business In Your Salon

May 05, 2020

Back to Business Tips from Redken

In these uncertain times, you are likely wondering when life will begin returning to normalcy. And after weeks away from the salon, you may be eager to return to work, see your guests, and get back to business.

Although it may not yet be clear when your salon will be able to safely re-open, there are some beneficial steps that you can take now to ensure you are able to return to work feeling confident and prepared. Read on to discover 6 tips that will help you have a smooth transition back to business.

1. Start Connecting With Your Guests With Virtual Consultations


Start connecting with your clients virtually over Facetime or video chat to get a sense for their specific hair needs. Having a virtual consultation is a great way to check in with your clients, let them know that you’re thinking of them and are looking forward to seeing them again once salons are able to safely re-open.

Virtual consultation is also beneficial as it allows you to set expectations with your client and prepare them for their first visit back to the salon. You can use this time to discuss any appointment considerations that will be implemented once your salon gets back to business, such as time limits on each guest's appointment, or review the type of protection your client should wear for their visit, such as gloves and face masks. You can also use a virtual consultation to chat about the condition of your guest’s hair and discuss any color corrections or services that will need to be done during their appointment.

“Talk to your guest about what she may have done to her hair in the last 6-8 weeks”, advises Redken Artist Linda Macchi, “Create a game plan for each guest. Explain timing, services and pricing. This way, when the client finally gets to the salon, you can get right to work. It’s all about working smarter not harder.”

The Redken Style Station app is an excellent tool to use during virtual consultations with clients. You can use the app to take notes on your guest’s specific hair needs or even use the virtual hair color try-on tool to help show your guest hair color options that are possible for her.

2. Ground Yourself In Fundamental Techniques


To set yourself up for success when your salon re-opens, take this time to ground yourself in fundamental hair color and design techniques. By practicing key services that will be in high-demand once salons re-open, such as root touch-ups and color corrections, you’ll be able to work faster and create better results for your guests. Consider practicing fundamental techniques and applications on mannequin heads as you prepare for your salon business to re-open.

Redken’s digital resources, such as Redken Education on Demand, provide hundreds of videos to help you master your skills. You can also access LIVE education online every week through The Redken Exchange. Check out Redkenpro.com/Connect to learn more about upcoming education offerings.

3. Stock Up On The Essentials


As you prepare for your salon to get back to business, consider the products and supplies you’ll need once you’re able to open your doors to guests. During this time, many of your guests are likely to have experienced significant re-growth. Stocking up on your go-to gray coverage shades, as well as clarifying haircare  treatments such as Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream is a great way to feel prepared for your first day back.

4. Determine Your Pricing


As you prepare to get back to business, it's important to determine how you will price your services. Think about the baseline price you would like to charge for services such as root touch ups and color corrections. Having a clear plan for your pricing and service menu will help you feel ready for upcoming conversations and consultations with clients. 

It's also beneficial to think about add-on services you can include with your typical service menu to help boost your revenue. Consider offering deep conditioning or haircare treatments as an add on service for guests that are looking to be pampered during this time. Did you know: including a Shades EQ hair gloss as an add-on shine or color service can help boost your income by thousands of dollars per year. Taking a strategic approach to your pricing and add-on service options can help you maximize your success and earning potential when returning to business.

5. Determine Your Schedule For Your Upcoming Busy Season


It can be overwhelming to think about your schedule once you head back to work. With so many guests eager to set up appointments, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to manage it all.

“Remember you are in control”, says Redken Brand Ambassador Elizabeth Faye, “You are going to be busy when your salon re-opens so decide now what you want that schedule to look like. Set working hours and limits to your upcoming busy season. By setting limits, you can ensure that you don't get burned out too quickly. It's okay to hit the ground running and work a lot at first, but make sure it's on your own terms and timeframe. That way you can manage all of your clients with grace and love.”

6. Take Care Of Yourself


During this stressful time, it’s more important than ever to practice self care. As you prepare to return to the salon, make sure you are getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and taking care of your health.

“Create a routine for family, work and self care. This new normal is a great time to curate new habits and shed old ones,” says Faye, “Give yourself permission to have hard days and know that brighter ones will come. Remember that we are all in this together.”



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