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Promoting Referral Business

Do your clients often refer their friends to you? Do you want a faster, easier way to build your perfect clientele? There’s nothing like the excitement of a new client who was referred by one of your regulars. Seeking new clients through existing clientele is one of the most effective methods of increasing your client base. Learn a new script that will enhance referral conversations.


Promoting Referral Business

• Utilize digital media to help create and recruit new high-ticket clients
• Build loyalty and guarantee future business with strategic referral plans
• Connect with clients based on their needs and create a Custom Hair Plan

6 months experience behind the chair
Pricing is variable. In-salon class cost depends on Artist Selection/Club 5th Avenue points. Store education is available at $40 per ticket. Pay in cash or Club 5th Avenue points.

My salon frequently runs specials to bring in new customers, but they only target discount coupon clippers. How can I get more profitable clients in my chair?
Become keenly aware of who sits in your chair and how that can determine your daily income. The first step to a great referral plan is determining who you want to refer. High-ticket, multi-service clients are targets for a great referral plan and can jump-start your client base. Learn how to use digital media to target new clients!

Wow! It’s been a week since I returned from the Promoting Referral Business class and I’m a changed stylist. I’ve been so depressed lately with my lack of high-ticket haircolor clients. These classes made me realize that my lack of building referral plans was preventing me from getting the right clients in my chair. After one week, I increased my take-home income by $500! I’m so happy I took this class. It changed my life.

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