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Finishing Certification

When asked who they would trust the most, 56% of consumers said an Expert or Certified Stylist!

57% of salon professionals believe that certifications are valuable for driving business and attracting clients.


Now more than ever, creating a point of difference for you and your salon is critical.  Consumers continue to search for stylists who provide top notch finishing services and are considered a finishing expert… and they are willing to pay for it!

Your next step is to become Redken Certified Finishing Stylist!

CERTIFICATION: The act of making something official.  Granting credit or recognition with respect to an educational institution that maintains suitable standards.

Finishing Cerification


Redken Finishing Certification is for graduates of the Redken Specialist and Redken Finishing Authority program that wants to:

  • Be recognized for their expertise and commitment to excellence
  • Be respected and viewed as a Redken Certified Finishing Stylist
  • Use this prestigious title to highlight their status and expand their business
  • Take the next step in their stylist career toward becoming a Redken Artist

Becoming Redken Finishing Certified requires passing a 3 part written and practical exam. You need to achieve a passing score on exams that assess your technical skills, knowledge of Redken products and principles, and your approach to creating specific outcomes.

The Redken Finishing Certification exam is administered on 1-day with an optional prep class the day prior to the exam. 


$595 or 39,700 Level Rewards Points

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, AMEX

Tuition: Pay in Full or Deposit

Tuition payments are non-refundable. 50% minimum deposit required at the time of registration. Balance is due no later than 60 days before the program. Points are required to be redeemed in full at the time of registration. You will not receive your study kit in the mail until you are paid in full. 


  • Should an individual be unable to attend the original program in which they registered for, they may reschedule for an alternative date and location within the same calendar year. If they are unable to commit to another date and location at the time of cancellation, they will be issued a refund, less a $100 processing fee – as funds cannot transfer over into another calendar year.
  • For payments made via Level Reward Points, they will receive a refund, less 6,700 points as a processing fee. The individual will have 3 months to use their refunded points before they expire and can no longer be used.
  • If you fail to cancel your registration a minimum of 72 business hours prior to or do not show up for your scheduled program, all funds will be forfeited. Funds cannot be reimbursed nor transferred to another program.
  • All Redken Certification cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing and emailed to the Registration Department. ( [email protected])


I have been using Redken products for 5 years, do I have to attend the Redken Specialist program and Redken Finishing Authority program first?

The Redken Finishing Certification is an advanced level exam that assesses your technical skills, knowledge of Redken products and principles, and your approach to creating specific outcomes. The Redken Specialist and Redken Finishing Authority are meant to be building blocks to Redken Finishing Certification; preparing and giving you more knowledge about finishing.

Do I need to attend Redken Finishing Authority before I take Redken Finishing Certification? Yes. The Redken Finishing Authority program provides you with the tools for success in passing your Redken Finishing Certification exam.

Will I receive any materials in the mail prior to the program?

Yes. Once paid in full, you will receive a study kit in the mail that will provide you the necessary materials needed to study for the Redken Finishing Certification exam.

If I fail the Redken Finishing Certification exam, do I have to retake the whole exam?

You do not need to retake the whole exam. You have 1 year to retake the specific portion of the exam you failed. At a fee, coaching calls are available to focus on the expectation of each portion of the exam. (Not specific to your exam results)

How far in advance should I register and study for Finishing Certification?

We recommend you allow yourself ample time to study and prepare for the exam. Registration closes 30 days prior to the exam date.

If I cancel my registration, can I receive a refund?

No. Tuition is non-refundable. However, if you need to cancel from Redken Finishing Certification, you have up to one year to apply the funds to another Redken Finishing Certification. Or, you can designate someone else to attend your original session in your place.


A comprehensive Redken Finishing Certification study kit that includes all the essentials you need to study with and pass the exam.

  • Redken Finishing Certification Study Guide
  • Redken Principle Based Finishing Manual
  • Redken Product Guide
  • Mannequin and stand
  • Redken materials

After passing the exam, Redken Certified Finishing Stylists receive tools to increase client base and build a successful business:

  • Social Media Promotion Kit
  • Promote Me Press Kit
    • Finishing Certified pin/certificate to display in your salon
    • Redken logo usage rights to put on your business card
    • Customizable press materials to send to your local and social media (newspapers, regional magazines, and media websites) 

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