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Design Authority

When asked who they would trust the most, 56% of consumers said an Expert or Certified Stylist!


Are you ready to choose the discipline that you’re most passionate about and become a true master in design?

Your next step is to become a Redken Design Authority!

AUTHORITY:  A person with extensive or specialized knowledge about a subject:  an expert.

2020 Program Dates:

Click The Link Below To Register For 2020 Program Dates:

Maplewood, MN- 4/26-4/27 & 5/17-5/18: Register Here

Ft. Myers, FL- 5/3-5/4 & 6/7-6/8: Register Here

Design Authority


The Redken Design Authority program is designed for any graduate of the Redken Specialist program who wants to:

  • Take the next step in their stylist career towards becoming Redken Design Certified or a Redken Artist
  • Advance their knowledge  and increase their skill in the discipline of design
  • Use this prestigious title to highlight their status and expand their business
  • Be exposed to “Hot Tips” from industry experts
  • Discover how to make more money behind the chair with add on services and referral business
  • Gain hands on experience of the industry’s latest design trends

Redken Design Authorities share an enthusiasm and energy – the unique Redken “spirit”!


The Redken Specialist program is a prerequisite to the Redken Design Authority program.

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$595 or 39,670 LEVEL Loyalty points

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, AMEX or SalonCentric Account

Tuition: Pay in Full

Tuition payments are non-refundable. Points are required to be redeemed in full at the time of registration or can be paid with half points and half credit card.


I have been using Redken products for 5 years, do I have to attend the Redken Specialist program first?

The Redken Design Authority program focuses on the skills of design. The benefit of attending the Redken Specialist Program is that you will be well prepared with current knowledge of the Redken brand and products that will be used during this program.

I attended the Redken Specialist program 8 years ago, do I need to go again before I can attend Redken Design Authority?

The benefit of attending the Redken Specialist program again would be to be completely up to speed with all new product launches and programs. If you are a stylist in an Elite salon and actively update, then you should be able to integrate with no worries.

Do I need to attend Redken Design Authority before I take Redken Design Certification?

Yes. The Redken Design Authority program provides you with the tools for success in passing your Redken Design Certification exam.

Do I need to attend all 4 days to become a Redken Design Authority?

Yes. You must attend all 4 days at the location you register for. Your program tuition covers all 4 days. To ensure you receive your graduation certificate, you will need to attend all 4 days. Should there be any reason you cannot, please speak to the program facilitator.

Can I transfer into another location/date for the last 2 days?

You must attend all 4 days at your registered location. You cannot transfer into another Redken Design Authority program if you already attended one of the days.

  • 4 days of interactive and hands-on design workshops
  • Redken Product Guides
  • Welcome kit including mannequin and Redken materials
  • Redken Design Authority Certificate
  • Be an expert in add on services and referral business
  • Be equipped with additional items for your service menu
  • You’ll go back to the salon with design tips, techniques and trends


The Redken Design Authority program allowed me to understand "why” I’m cutting what I’m cutting.  Being able to look at a picture, analyze it and being able to recreate it specifically for each guest.  This program by far exceeded my expectations!! The educators know what they are talking about and they TRULY care about educating stylists to make us the best we can be!

Katlin Crumble-   Corvallis, OR

“The skills I learned in this program helped me to understanding the principles and be able to communicate them with my guests and other stylists. The class exceeded my expectations! Thanks Tim!!”

Jen Restad- Bellevue, WA

“I gained skills that make me the "authority” of what I do!  I definitely feel more confident in my career as a hairstylist. The learning was fun!  Redken educators always make me excited and want to learn more.”

Kiri Withnell-   McMinnville, OR