Rosa Cisneroz-Ngauama
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Rosa Cisneroz-Ngauama

Redken Artist

Redken Artist Rosa Cisneroz always knew that she wanted to be able to make guests feel more beautiful, fearless and empowered by changing their haircolor.

1) Where are you from?
Tracy, CA. Northern CA, an hour outside San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento

2) How long have you been a stylist or colorist?
11 Years behind the chair 7 years Redken Artist

3) How are you affiliated with Redken?

Redken Artist, Redken Certified Haircolorist, Redken Certified Design Stylist. Redken Specialist

4) What inspired you to become a stylist or colorist?
Being raised in a salon I loved watching my mom have the ability to change up looks on anyone that sat in her chair. I knew since I was a kid I wanted to be able to make my guests feel more beautiful, fearless and empowered by changing their haircolor.

5) What would you consider to be your specialties? 
Color Specialist, Grey Coverage, Color Correction, Balayage

6) What are your favorite style and color trends at the moment? 
Balayage of course, It’s such a creative liberating technique that I love to create and all my guests. It’s a demanding service right now, that I'm obsessed with doing. I love seeing the process of changing my guests' looks to get them to desired looks.

7) What Redken products can’t you live without? 
Pillow Proof Primer Cream, best blow drying product Ever! Control Addict 28, my must have super strong holding hairspray

8) Do you have any hairstyling tips/tricks for client at-home styling?
Practice and Patience. I always here my clients say "I wish you can do my hair every morning" I always have my guests watch the step by step of what I'm doing when finishing their hair, so they are able to re-create. I educate them on product being a Necessity, not an option. Taking your time to section, just like the stylist does behind the chair.

9) Where do you find inspiration for coming up with new styles?

My fellow Redken Artist. My associates that I train within my salon. Both have such amazing ideas, fearless raw talent. They both inspire we everyday.

10) What has been a personal career highlight for you?
Having the opportunity to work the past 3 Symposiums on different support teams. All years have been amazing experiences, and hope and look forward to working more symposiums. 

11) What impact has Redken made on your career?
Redken has made the stylist, educator, and mentor I am today. There is so much I have to credit Redken for changing my life Personally and Professionally. Redken has disciplined to be a great salon professional behind the chair to give my guests exquisite services, and educating them on all things Redken. Personally it has allowed me to share my passion with other salon professionals within my salon and all stylist I come in contact with. Being a voice of Redken I love being part of fellow Salon professionals falling in love with Redken and all it has to offer, to Learn, Earn, Live.

12) Do you have a favorite Redken moment and why?
My first Symposium I worked in 2011, I was support for the iconic Ann Mincey, this experience blew my mind to be able to reach and connect with so many salon professionals. Being coached and mentored by a legend, she guided me to success and is still a supporting mentor to me. Love you Ann

13) Do you have a favorite Redken class and why?
Colornomics at the Redken Exchange. Linda Macchi and Jerric Fruits are an awesome duo, it’s the perfect amount of color and business. Its changed and grown me behind the chair since taking their class last year.