Justin Isaac

Redken Artist

Justin Isaac has been a Redken Artist since 1998, a facilitator at the Redken Exchange since 2000 and a featured Redken Symposium artist. He is known throughout the industry as one of the top creative colorist.

Color is the fire that lit the passion and it is this fire that Justin Isaac brings to inspire artists around the world.

Justin Isaac is known throughout the industry as the most creative colorist where remixing concepts and simplifying advanced ideas – just a couple of his many talents. No matter the venue or the language, he breaks it down for all to feel the vibe and be part of it.
Justin Isaac has traveled the globe sharing the flavor of Redken NYC. His travels include South Africa, Thailand, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, Singapore and Germany. It is through these travels that he has been able to re-energize his spirit and share the vibe these many cultures have to offer as inspiration in the US. In 2008, Justin Isaac will be sharing this inspiration in Art 4 Color and Art 4 Life – a two-day specialty class at the Redken Exchange revolving around art, color and self reflection with one of the days held in Central Park.

Justin Isaac has been a Redken Artist since 1998, a facilitator at the Redken Exchange since 2000 and a featured Redken Symposium artist.  His work has also been part of Redken Creates Volume 1.

Education Upcoming Events
  • 07/08


    Go ahead, create outside the lines! Classic shapes reinvented. Diversity through color placement. Styles with hidden potential. Get up close and personal with Sam Villa and Justin Isaac. By combining contrasting elements, core structures morph to create different looks. Long and short... softness and strength... curly and straight... glamorous and edgy...

    The contradictions merge seamlessly to create high fashion, highly-wearable styles. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

    404 5th Avenue 2nd floor (37th St corne , New York

  • 09/30

    Redken Underground

    Feeling uninspired? Join us for a retreat! Our vision is for you to find inspiration, to encourage artistic exploration, nurture creative thought, and forge bonds between diverse artists. This course is designed to help you open your mind and see things differently. What we offer is quite specific: time and space to create among peers. Head out for an exciting 3 days of exploring new neighborhoods, hunting down inspiration, access to NYC museums, culture, architecture and an opportunity to focus solely on your creative pursuits. Gain inspiration from an array of often unexpected sources and on day 3 translate that inspiration to hair! Take the time to tend your creative spark and recharge.


    • Licensed Salon Professionals time who need to  tend their  creative spark and recharge

    404 5th Avenue 2nd floor (37th St corner) , New York

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