Jorge Joao

Redken Artist

Motivating, enthusiastic and precision define Redken Artist Jorge Joao.  He is an acclaimed stylist who divides his time between building his co-owned salon, KOI Hair Studio, to appearing on stages throughout North America where he demonstrates his knowledge and experience, to pursuing creative initiatives where his passion for hair styling shines and reaches new heights. 

Jorge has been published in fashion and industry magazines, appeared on television, and have leaded a team of stylists backstage at fashion shows. His energy is an equal match to his positive attitude

As a Redken Artist and a  Contest winner, Jorge has proved that through focus and inspiration you can achieve your end result and has demonstrated this on an International level.

Education Upcoming Events
  • 08/26

    Design Master Class

    Sam Villa | Philip Barwick | Jorge Joao

    Feeling burnt-out and stuck in boring hair rut? Break out of that routine and shake it up! Tap into your inner creative designer! This 3 day journey will inspire you to create the shapes you’ve been dreaming of! Discover the ingredients of creative, out of the box haircutting,manipulate your cutting tools in new ways. Refresh your creativity and stay on top of the latest creative cutting trends! This interactive session focuses on advanced cutting techniques, disconnection, asymmetry, free hand, and creative use of your tools. Escape the safety zone an get unstuck!

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