Wendy Belanger

Pure Artist

Passion, ambition and the drive to succeed make Wendy Belanger one of the most sought after stylists in the industry.  She has a focused and artistic mindset that translates to everything she pursues.   
Wendy has been hand selected as Artistic Director for Pureology.  This gives her the opportunity to help formulate and execute future looks and trends while representing one of North America’s fastest growing brands.

She has had the pleasure of learning from and working alongside some of the industry’s finest.  When not traveling the country, you can find Wendy servicing her own clientele or inspiring and training her team at her studio, Influence Salon in Calgary, Canada.
Belanger’s work and salon have been featured on television and in several commercial and trade magazines.  Her career has led her to participate in events such as Fashion Week, styling celebrities for The Academy Awards and The Emmy Awards in Los Angeles or creating the next Pureology collection. She has only just begun reaching her goal and journey towards excellence. “There isn’t anything that you believe in that you can’t achieve.”

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