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Veronica Ridge

Redken Artist

Veronica embraces the beauty of natural hair. Her unique perspective of color, displayed through her use of avant-garde foiling techniques and inimitable color formulations, has earned her respect among the best in the industry. Staying inspired and on top of fashion, hair trends, and pop-culture is a passion of Veronica’s, and this has led her to spend the last few years focusing on fine tuning her finishing skills, Her down to earth laid back style and extremely honest personality makes her easy to ask questions and learn from, as well as quickly to warm up to. In Summary, Veronica’s inspiring techniques and approachable attitude make her a perfect mentor for any colorist with a desire to stand out!

Join Veronica Ridge at the 2017 Redken Symposium at City Beats.

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Education Upcoming Events
  • 09/10


    What’s the trend of the moment? Your clients are looking for the latest color trends and we are making it easy for you to create them. In this ever changing class, we curate the best of what's trending online, on social media, fashion news, music, festivals and culture and you spend 3 days of hands on workshops learning how to translate it into the salon. Open your doors to a new generation of color clients and create the trends everyone is talking about.

    404 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor (37th St corner) , New York

  • 10/01


    So many trends, so little time! How do you transform these trends into wearable hair?  Using the principles of consultation, face shape, head form and placement of color, discover how to accentuate, balance or enhance the clients facial features and overall look. Everything you need to know to take “the tailor-made approach” to hair through design, color & finish.

    404 5th Avenue 2nd floor (37th St corner) , New York

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