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Sarah Bramham

Redken Artist

Sarah Bramham has a passion for hair and this brings a fire to her as an educator. 
Her exposure to a variety of diverse cultures gives her a global view and the skill to connect with people from different walks of life. She seeks out new experiences as she sees them as an opportunity to grow and inspire her work. Sarah is innovative and unique in her approach to education.

Sarah is an Artist first and foremost, with a Bachelors of Fine Art she is fully versed in the principles of Color and Three Dimensional Design. She has an eye for new trends and the inspiration to think outside the box to move our industry into the future. She also has a great interest in "the Why" behind what we do. Sarah is thoroughly ground in the science of hair, with fun and easy ways to help others understand this information.

Sarah loves to share her knowledge and reignite a fire in the professionals in the industry. She inspires others to transcend their limitations and to find in themselves great and wonderful talents. Along with her patience and skill at creating a positive learning environment, time with Sarah is always an uplifting and motivating educational experience.
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  • 10/29


    Clients bringing you pictures of haircuts have you scratching your head?  Time to get over that fear of creating and recreating shapes! Learn the principles of design  and understand how to create a shape for the client that began as an idea. Become  empowered to analyze, understand and recreate with the Principles of point, line and angle. Principles of Movement, Elevation, Over-Direction and Finger Angle. Learn to break the head form down horizontally into the 5 areas of the head, what they do and how to view them on the head. Principles of Graduation and the three different types - Swelling, Straight and Scooping.

    404 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor (37th St corner) , New York

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