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Linda Macchi

Redken Artist

Is your salon in need of a makeover? Is your staff challenged with retail, pre-books, attracting new dream clients? Would you like to see your retail numbers increase by 30%? Pre-books at 80%? Dream clients flowing into your salon?

Linda has walked in your shoes and as a salon owner she will share her knowledge to help your salon succeed. Learn how to create a dream team and dream clientele. Take an honest approach to your habits in the salon and discover how to boost productivity and maximize untapped opportunities when you plan tomorrow for today. Develop the right mindset to engage your clients with superior service and in turn, engage your business with a larger bottom line.

Join Linda Macchi at the 2017 Redken Symposium at Fixer Upper.

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  • 10/22


    Get with the program! Ready to explode your take home pay and have the extraordinary life you've been striving for? This hands-on money workshop is designed to dramatically improve your personal finances and professional income. See how to transform your clientele to "high ticket clients" and make more money. Revolutionize your personal finances, take charge of your spending impulses and pay off debt fast for financial certainty and emotional security.

    404 5th Avenue 2nd floor (37th St corner) , New York

  • 12/03


    Give yourself a raise! Making bank requires clarity, vision and the ability to execute consistently with the right strategies. Without a roadmap, the process can be long and overwhelming. Colornomics will fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error. A hands on color/business class that will give you quick color techniques, the business and social media skills to work smarter, increase your paycheck and get more clients. Create color service menus, master your color consultation, identify the 3 types of clients, create money goals and better manage your time and clientele. Whether you are a salon owner, an experienced colorist or straight out of beauty school take a smarter approach with your business!

    404 5th Avenue 2nd floor (37th St corner) , New York

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