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Lauren Hagen

Redken Artist

Educated at the renowned Redken Exchange 5th Avenue NYC, Lauren’s philosophy emphasizes continuing professional education as being the quintessential element to success. Her zeal as a facilitator is captivating; her passion to empower others is unwavering.

Lauren’s unique craftsmanship and effective communication enables her to transform challenging artistic concepts into simple, realistic, everyday salon solutions.  Empowering her captive audience, Lauren evokes an unrelenting source of satisfaction and inspiration.  Based out of Philadelphia, Lauren is a great example of maintaining peak performance while expanding her expertise through specialized and advanced education.

As a Redken Exchange Facilitator, Lauren coaches salon professionals across the globe. When away from 5th Avenue, she travels extensively throughout the USA performing main-stage events, distributor programs and in-salon Hands-On Workshops. In 2011 Lauren taught at the Redken Symposium and is amongst a select few Exchange Facilitators whose multifaceted-artistic-skill set enables dual-facilitation in both color and design. Her versatility in talent offers fiscally-conscious distributors and salon owners an exceptional added economic value.

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Education Upcoming Events
  • 10/29


    Clients bringing you pictures of haircuts have you scratching your head?  Time to get over that fear of creating and recreating shapes! Learn the principles of design  and understand how to create a shape for the client that began as an idea. Become  empowered to analyze, understand and recreate with the Principles of point, line and angle. Principles of Movement, Elevation, Over-Direction and Finger Angle. Learn to break the head form down horizontally into the 5 areas of the head, what they do and how to view them on the head. Principles of Graduation and the three different types - Swelling, Straight and Scooping.

    404 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor (37th St corner) , New York

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