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Kristi Valenzuela

Kristi Valenzuela is an internationally known motivational speaker and success coach focusing on salon teambuilding, profitability through the front desk, and empowering salon owners to take control of their business. She has been a co-owner of Summit Salon Business Center since 2004, which is the largest salon consulting company in the world. Kristi has created many top selling educational products and workshops such as The Anatomy of a Great Front Desk Video Series, Conquering Retailphobia audio training program, and The Front Desk Doctor Workshop. Her high energy interactive style has earned he rave reviews.

Join Kristi Valenzuela at the 2017 Redken Symposium at Destination Beauty.

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  • 07/16


    Turn your dreams into reality!  Learn how to build a “market leader salon” from the blueprint all the way to the bank! Are you starting to dream of salon ownership, or a currently leading a growing salon company? This 3-day workshop captures foundational and advanced principles of:

    • Starting a new salon design/blueprint or, an expansion/remodel of a successful growing salon company.
    • How to enhance positive emotion during client’s salon visit every step of the way, and connect salon systems to delivering positive performance through your team’s actions.
    • Specific strategies for sound financial practices, career path systems for stylists and front desk, and understanding how to be a market leader salon in your area

    404 5th Avenue 2nd floor (37th St corne , New York

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