Justin Isaac
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Justin Isaac

Redken Artist

Color is the fire that lit the passion and it is this fire that Justin Isaac brings to inspire artists around the world.

Justin Isaac is known throughout the industry as the most creative colorist where remixing concepts and simplifying advanced ideas – just a couple of his many talents. No matter the venue or the language, he breaks it down for all to feel the vibe and be part of it.

Justin Isaac has traveled the globe sharing the flavor of Redken NYC. His travels include South Africa, Thailand, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, Singapore and Germany. It is through these travels that he has been able to re-energize his spirit and share the vibe these many cultures have to offer as inspiration in the US. In 2008, Justin Isaac will be sharing this inspiration in Art 4 Color and Art 4 Life – a two-day specialty class at the Redken Exchange revolving around art, color and self reflection with one of the days held in Central Park.

Justin Isaac has been a Redken Artist since 1998, a facilitator at the Redken Exchange since 2000 and a featured Redken Symposium artist.  His work has also been part of Redken Creates Volume 1.

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