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Blair Singer

Blair Singer realized early on that, in order to get what he wanted in business and in life, it was all about mastering the chatter between his ears- his “Little Voice”. It allowed him and countless others to achieve incredible things in their lives. Blair has earned a worldwide reputation as an expert in sales and business growth and launched an international sales training and personal development academy and network licensees. Through his unique methodology, he has not only transformed thousands of people’s lives but his own as well and through it found the love of his life.

As founder and CEO of the Blair Singer Training Academy and author of three best –selling books, Blair Singer is an in-demand international public speaker. With teachings spanning 25 countries on five continents, he’s helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses experience unparalleled growth, return on investment and overall happiness. He does this by shaking up the status quo, empowering people to claim their own brilliance and achieve profound life-changing results. 

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