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Learning happens everywhere—in your salon, at Symposium, or at the award-winning Redken Exchange on 5th Avenue. Whether you are participating in one of our pillar programs (Specialist, Authority or Certification) or in-store/salon classes, we offer an educational environment unlike any other. We promote one-on-one attention, interactive hands-on learning, innovative sessions, and inspiring facilitators. We also offer online resources so you can watch tutorials, learn about new trends, and polish your skills at your own pace. Discover everything Redken Education has to offer for yourself!

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Hair Principles & Fundamentals
Salon Services

Increase revenue by offering the products and services clients are looking for.

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Redken Education on Demand

Video tutorials for haircolor, hair styling and more, at your fingertips.

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Haircolor Formulas

Inspiration for trendy looks and techniques.

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Education Upcoming Events
  • 02/24

    Color Formulation Class

    Julie Lahr | Lauren Rosenquist | Rachel Busby 

    Ever faced a formulation challenge? Discover solutions to overcome everyday haircolor challenges with Redken Haircolor. Whether the hair is too brassy, lacking vibrancy, or just looks flat, these “must-try” shades will take your formulas to the next level.

    404 Fifth Ave. 2nd Floor (37th Street Corner) , New York

  • 03/09


    Whether you want to cover those grays, go bold, or formulate brilliantly the process of coloring hair shouldn’t be a scary thing! Get consistent haircolor results on every client, every day! In this interactive 4-day haircolor session, learn how to utilize principles to explain the laws of haircolor through science and chemistry. This class will feature hands on workshops on the color wheel, formulation, level systems, hair composition, placement, application and the different categories of haircolors that will empower you and your color services. Whether you are a recent beauty school graduate or an experienced colorist, Color & Know Why will help you master the skills you need to bring your haircolor confidence & business to life. Beat the fear and bring on the color!

    404 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor (37th St corner) , New York

  • 03/09


    Lauren Hagen | Mandy Mccullough | Becka Bradshaw

    Clients bringing you pictures of haircuts that have you scratching your head?  Time to get over that fear of creating and recreating shapes! Learn the principles of design and understand how to create a shape for the client that began as an idea. Become empowered to analyze, understand and recreate with the principles of point, line and angle. Learn the Principles of Movement, Elevation, Over-Direction and Finger Angle. Learn to break the head form down horizontally into the 5 areas of the head, learn what they do and how to view them on the head. In this class, you'll learn Principles of Graduation and the three different types - Swelling, Straight and Scooping.

    404 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor (37th St corner) , New York

  • 03/22

    Sunday Series With Sam Villa

    Sam Villa

    A quarterly one-day class featuring top Redken  artists and influencers from 9 AM – 5 PM. This session will feature Redken Global Artistic Ambassador and industry icon Sam Villa. 

    404 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor (37th St corner) , New York

  • 03/23

    Hair Cutting With Sam Villa And Chris Baran

    Sam Villa | Chris Baran

    Take your skills to a higher level with two of the industry’s most phenomenal artists – Sam Villa and Chris Baran. Free your imagination, and learn how to use your shears and razor in new ways. Explore non-traditional cutting methods that create design trends. To attend this class, you should have a good grasp of  hair cutting and a desire to stretch your skills to the edge!

    404 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor (37th St corner) , New York

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